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March 2022 Update New CTO

New CTO has been hired to concentrate on the copy trading app and then the exchange. He has 20 years of experience in IT for large financial institutions as well his own startup companies. Brings to the table an extensive understanding of the security issues which will critical to successful implementation and adoption of the copy trading app as well as the creation of the Afrostar exchange.

Experience with financial regulations across the globe is key factor in the mission to make Afrostar the currency of the African continent. The new CTO was involved in the largest banking implementation of a new platform in recent history and was able to scale at “hyper speed”.

Experience in the crypto in industry and currently manages applications for a large blockchain company.

Other Afrostar Token News

The key people are now in place to complete the the copy trading app within 2-3 months. A beta version should be available sooner.

Government regulations are slowing progress down but the hurdles are not insurmountable.

A refresh of the website is coming soon.

Afrostar will continue to sponsor comedy shows in the metaverse and is looking to potentially purchase metaverse real estate

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