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An offshore gold holding business with no intermediaries was what investors were looking for when they founded the GoldBroker Company. In spite of the fact that it sounds reasonable, this is a brand-new concept for the sector. This firm offers gold or silver storage certificates in your name that include the bar’s serial number. The possible counterparty insolvency concerns have been removed.

Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a shelter for financial institutions, insurance businesses, and tax havens. As long as your gold is housed outside the financial system, you don’t have to worry about it being stolen. It is impossible for a bank to collapse or be seized. You don’t have to have GoldBroker employees on hand when you view your valuables. They don’t even require GoldBroker workers on location because their gold is so easily available. The acquisition of physical investments is also possible for free. There are exceptions when it comes to stockpiling gold.

Goldbroker Company History

At first glance, GoldBroker is a mystery company. Who knew the organization’s name carried such a wealth of information? To understand their information, you need to have an understanding of FDR Capital, which is the firm’s parent company. Gold, silver, and other valuable metals are often stored as bars and coins by these firms. New York City and Malta are home to many of its branch offices.

Metals are carefully stored in vaults all around the world. Gold and silver bullion may be purchased and stored in Switzerland, Canada, and Singapore’s traditional banking systems without fear of theft or fraud. As long as they are making precious metals easily available to their owners, they don’t have to worry about what’s going on the ground.

At first glance, GoldBroker appears to be an enigmatic entity. Such a moniker must conceal a great deal. If you don’t know how to get in touch with FDR Capital, their parent firm, it may be tough to get in touch with them. Various precious metals, such as gold and silver, are stored and sold by these firms. In addition to its headquarters in New York, it also has offices in Malta and other places (their headquarters).

Metals are stored securely all around the world. Swiss, Canadian, and Singaporean banks provide safe storage of actual bars or coins of silver, gold, or silver that may be purchased and held safely. This should be possible without needing to worry about what is taking place onshore.

GoldBroker Products:

The bars include 1 oz of gold, 100g of gold, 1 kg gold bars, 1 oz platinum bars, and 1 oz palladium. Valcambi bars are also produced by the firm.

The Royal Canadian Mint sells gold bars of one ounce and 100 oz, as well as silver bars of 1 kg, 100 oz, and 1,000 oz. They have a wide assortment of bullion coins from the world’s leading international precious metal mints. The Gold American Eagle, the Gold Buffalo (10 collar rollers), the Palatino Maple Leaf, the Silver American Eagle, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf are all found in this part of North America.

GoldBroker Fees for Services and Products

Competitors provide more bullion options than GoldBroker, though not as much as the other firms offer. In addition to gold and silver, platinum and palladium bullion assets are available from all of them.

Additionally, GoldBroker does not reveal the pricing of its bullion goods, which sets it apart from its rivals, who are required to divulge their commission rates. They allege that these costs vary from product to product and grow more regressive as the order size and quantity rises. The minimum order amount is $10,000, so it’s hard to figure out how much these goods usually cost.

Because you’re dealing with them directly, you’ll know their retail prices. They have a lot of valuable gold in their storage sites, and they pledge to return it to their customers. There is a $75 minimum for all sales, which is charged at a 1% rate.

The offshore storage fees for precious metals vary according to their worth. A 1.5% tax is levied on all gold held in excess of 20,000 dollars. The annual rate of 1.25 percent is applied to quantities of more than 50 ounces. It drops to 900 ounces annually with a further 1% cut. The examination includes gold in excess of 4,500 ounces 95% of the time.

Additionally, there is a varying cost structure for silver storage based on the quantity that is held there. Every year, the government distributes a few hundred ounces of gold at a rate of 1.5 percent. The annual growth rate for countries with more than 60,000 ounces of gold is 1.3 percent. If you hold more than 300,000 ounces of silver at once, the annual rate drops to 1.2 percent.

Besides shipping fees, the corporation also takes into account three other fees. You’ll have to pony up $200 to see what’s inside the vault. If you decide to pick up the metals yourself, you can have them for $200. Owners may have photographs made of their metal units for $10 each.

Quick Review:

GoldBroker has offices in New York and Toronto, as well as vaults in Singapore and Switzerland, and a London HQ. Instead of having your gold delivered to you, you can keep it in one of Gold Broker’s vaulting stores. These bullions are essential to their business. In order to pay the cost of a highly expensive technique, GoldBroker requires large minimum orders. This ensures that they can supply bullions at competitive prices. It’s for this reason that they like to go for big-time investors, those who make many large-scale investments.

At worst, GoldBroker’s fees are well worth it because of the protection and insurance coverage they provide. You may benefit from your bullion by either shipping it from one of its saults or selling it directly from that sailing pot.

What is Gold Broker about?

Founded in 2011, Goldbroker.com is an established investor website. It hosts millions of users each month. The website allows you to invest in gold bars and coins, as well as money, platinum and palladium. Fabric Drouin Ristori, the founder of Kedge Business School (Kedge Business School in France), is a French investor. I followed him to Malta, and we established two companies in the online gaming world, which he later sold, and set up a private investment company called FDR Capital Ltd. He started a successful investment company based on this experience.

This company provided investors with a solution to store gold and other precious metals directly in it without being exposed to any risk of intermediation (as other storage companies at the time offered). Fabrice’s new business did not exist in any other warehouses, explaining his great success. Gold and other valuable metals are still well stored at this facility. Goldbroker.com does not store data on behalf of their customers, so they have their own storage account.

How does it Work?

The first thing you will do is create your free account. It is simple to understand and easy to use, with 4 steps to follow to guide you through the process. I see that investing in this company isn’t a very complicated process. You can view the picture larger and create an account by clicking.

Want to feel your Gold and Silver in your Hands?

If you want to store your gold or silver in your name or somewhere else, or to have it delivered to your doorstep, you can do that as well. The delivery is free for US residents if you choose this option. Transport rates for international shipments depend on the final destination and the weight. You can find out how much your situation would cost on the website. Here is the link to the website.

How does that work?

A 1% board (at least 75 dollars) is taken when you sell back gold (or any other precious metal). When you sell back any of your precious metals in the form of coins, the company will buy them back between 1 percent and 11 percent ABOVE the spot price without any additional commission.

Purchase of Gold & Silver Bullion

We offer gold bullion produced by reputable refiners like Ohio Precious Metals, Valcambi, and UBS. You will only receive quality products from Goldbroker.com since these refiners are certified by the London Bullion Market Association. The metals are guaranteed to remain authentic and pure, ensuring maximum resale value. Silver from refiners certified by the LBMA, such as Johnson Matthey, Royal Canadian Mint, and the Republic Metals Corporation, is also only sold through Goldbroker.com. You can find good value products at Goldbroker.com.

Secure Storage

In many cases, owning gold means being fully protected from financial risks. So, in order to minimize the risk of counterparty loss, your priced metal must be safely stored. You are thus able to store and invest your assets with Goldbroker.com without the risks that come along with precious metal intermediaries. Located in a secure vault, these metals are accessible and able to be removed at any time. Malcá Amit, a private operator independent of any banking system, is partnered with Goldbroker.com. Malca-Amit was established in 1963. It is recognized worldwide as a financial institution and individual’s dependable warehouse. Their storage facilities are among the few on the market that are highly secured and strategic.


Should you be unable to pick up the metals from the vaults personally, you can sign up for shipping. Metals are shipped to the United States by Goldbroker.com through an insured shipping service. Therefore, all U.S. orders will receive free shipping. Shipping costs to France only vary by weight, and they only ship internationally to France.

In order to prevent product shifts during transit, Goldbroker.com packages your products carefully, while preserving their quality. In addition, they make certain that the packaging does not convey the contents and that the delivery is safe. If a package is lost in transit, it is already fully insured. We will send you a replacement as soon as possible. As long as funds are received on the second working day after payment, your package will be delivered by UPS. International orders could take up to three weeks to arrive. Furthermore, you get a tracking number after shipping starts so that you can keep track of your delivery.

Sales of Precious Metals:

If you also wish to liquidate your investments, you can sell your precious metals to Goldbroker.com. GoldBroker.com stores your metals, however, and only purchases them earlier. An average 48-hour time frame is expected for the whole process. To sell a product to Goldbroker.com, you must indicate which one you want to sell. The products will be released by Goldbroker.com after receiving your sales order. After the payment, a bank transfer is initiated, and the resale price is determined based on the current spot price at the time of transaction.


The company differs from its competitors in that commission fees for its bullion products are not disclosed. Gold, silver, and platinum bars are more expensive as clients purchase larger quantities. It is difficult to know what percentage they charge on average since their minimum order size is $10,000 for such products. A commission total of $75 is the approximate minimum amount that they charge on buybacks.

A percent is charged from the moment of purchase for all precious metals they guarantee to buy back from their storage facilities. Find out what these fees are before you buy a house. Storage at the storage facility is charged. You will pay 1.5% of your stored value and a $10 account maintenance fee if you do not have more than $20,000 stored. If you store more products without paying account maintenance fees, your storage fees may be lower. There may also be an additional $200 service charge for retrieving stored products or visiting the vault.

What offers GoldBroker?

GoldBroker provides gold and silver trading, buying, and stockpiling services. There is one major difference between GoldBroker and the vault, and that is that you establish your own storage accounts establish your own storage account. The gold and silver you purchase from GoldBroker is stored under your personal name completely outside the banking system after you have purchased them. We have four fully insured vaulted storage vehicles in Switzerland, Singapore, Toronto, and New York for storing your precious metals.

The location of your metals can be chosen after they are purchased. Here you can find all the information about GoldBroker’s storage. Metals are also shipped to you by GoldBroker, but unfortunately the United States and France are not included in the service. Due to only these two shipping options, GoldBroker stores gold and silver better.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, being a VAT-free territory, Malta-based GoldBroker focuses on gold and silver dealing. Gold and silver can be stored in one of the world’s vaults under your name by this broker. The minimum investment is $10.000, so it’s out of the reach of most people. In addition, GoldBroker charges a standard storage fee for their customers. An annual fee reduction of 1.5% occurs for every $1 million invested.

GoldBroker’s gold and silver are all yours to keep because you are the single owner. As a bonus, the company doesn’t charge a tax on the purchase, storage, or sale of gold and silver, either.

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