Meme Coin Shib Announces Metaverse Project Featuring Real Estate and New Tokens $SHIB, $LEASH, $BONE

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Shiba Inu plans to enter Metaverse with project that features over 100k plots of real estate and 3 new tokens.

The SHIB: The Metaverse will consist of 100,595 plots of land. (REUTERS)The SHIB: The Metaverse will consist of 100,595 plots of land. (REUTERS)3 min read . Updated: 02 Apr 2022, 05:25 PM ISTLivemint

  • The digital coin’s creators in a blog have detailed about ‘SHIB: THE METAVERSE’ under which all tokens $SHIB, $LEASH, $BONE will play a role as phases roll out.

Cryptocurrency Shiba Inu is planning to enter the network of virtual worlds, Metaverse. The digital coin’s creators in a blog have detailed about “SHIB: THE METAVERSE” under which all tokens $SHIB, $LEASH, $BONE will play a role as phases roll out.

As per the blog, Shiba Inu‘s Metaverse is positioned to become a massive environment for the #ShibArmy to grow, share, and benefit together.

The crypto’s creators have announced that the Metaverse and future expansion of all their projects will take place at a new domain: The new domain is set to become the main source for all things SHIB and the official website.

“This new portal will be up and running in the next coming days, and in order for users to begin the process of locking their assets. Once this process is completed, the event should begin shortly after. This is officially your last call previous to the first phase and events engaging with the community,” the blog said.

Notably, the SHIB: The Metaverse will consist of 100,595 plots of land. Each plot gives an opportunity to become part of the immersive Shiba-inspired environment. However, some lands will remain locked as they represent key locations for travel within the metaverse and stay private to be used as common grounds. These will represent roads (corridors): Avenues, Boulevards, and Hubs, while public ones will be available for purchase.

As the development continues, the progression and guaranteed process to secure plots will begin by releasing a sequence of lands in phases.

For the introductory phase of the SHIB: The Metaverse, 36,431 plots of land will become unlocked while welcoming and revealing a part of 4 different Districts – Growth District, Defense District, Technology District, and the Currencies District. The unlocking of lands, while introducing this first phase brings perhaps one of the largest factors, and that is, the determination of land value based on its location.

In the first phase, the plots are divided into four categories such as Silver Fur (Tier 4) with 17,030 Lands, Gold Tail (Tier 3) with 7,356 Lands, Platinum Paw (Tier 2) with 5,714 Lands, and Diamond Teeth (Tier 1) with 2,024 Lands. There is also a category called HUBS (Private Locked) with 4,307 Lands. Also, the team has saved 15 total lands as a courtesy for those highly involved in the current and future MV development.

The minimum and fixed prices for each Tier are – 0.2 $ETH for (Tier 4) Silver Fur; 0.3 $ETH for (Tier 3) Gold Tail; 0.5 $ETH for (Tier 2) Platinum Paw; and 1 $ETH for (Tier 1) Diamond Teeth.

The creators in the blog stated that while the ecosystem ($SHIB, $LEASH, and $BONE) continues to grow, and evolve over time, 2022 is aimed to be a year full of surprises with new implementations like Shibarium, which will be the Layer 2 (L2) in which SHIB: The Metaverse will be developed, and even SHI, the Shiba Ecosystem stablecoin that is going to open new investment opportunities through the system Shib is currently developing.

As per the blog, purchasing land on this platform is not just an isolated investment, but a way to be a part of the short, mid, and long term of the project. The benefits are centered on the community thriving and sharing a truly exceptional environment while being delivered a rewarding experience.

It was also confirmed that users who own land in SHIB: The Metaverse will be able to generate passive income, gather in-game resources, and generate rewards. The creators will be introducing a unique, and exciting way to earn, while also awarding users to have a personal space in which they will be able to build and manage their own projects.

“Districts will play a heavy role inside this Shiba-influenced world. By becoming a land owner, users will unlock some truly amazing features, and privileges, that will be revealed on further phases and blog/medium posts releases in the near future,” they said.

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