Did Afrostar Token Make Peckshield’s Binance Smart Chain Potential Rug Pulls for 2022?

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Scams within the crypto industry are extremely common. Peckshield, a leading blockchain security firm has identified 50 projects on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain that are potential scams. Afrostar Token is not one of the 50 that have been identified as being high risk for a rug pull.

Rug Potentials on Binance Smart Chain

Rug pulls were a frequent occurrence in the crypto space in 2021. In this kind of scam, developers of a DeFi project abandon it unexpectedly and siphon off with user funds. Binance Smart Chain was one of the badly hit DeFi platforms which lured numerous malicious actors since its inception.

In the latest development, Peckshield revealed detecting more than 50 tokens with “rug-potentials” on BSC. The blockchain security company alerted the community that the admins behind the mentioned tokens can potentially mint unlimited tokens, restrict users from selling the coins and even blacklist any accounts.

The tokens at risk, as mentioned on Peckshield’s list, are operated by anonymous teams, and the firm has deemed all the projects as “medium” in terms of severity.

Rug Pulls in 2021, What’s Next?

The monumental year of 2021 witnessed rug pulls become one of the most utilized scams of choice. According to a report by the blockchain firm, Chainalysis, these rug pulls accounted for 37% of all scam revenue last year compared to only 1% in 2020.

There are two major reasons why rug pulls became so common. One was the initial hype surrounding the DeFi space and the subsequent FOMO. Next up – the technical skills required to develop tokens and get them listed on exchanges, many of which were done without a proper analysis of the smart contract’s code by a third party.

But this trend may not continue in 2022. Going forward, Chainalysis believes crypto-related crimes may decline as law enforcement’s ability to fight these scams evolves. It recently stated that increased legitimate crypto usage is “far outpacing the growth of criminal usage.”

In fact, the firm noted that illicit activity’s share of crypto transaction volume has never been lower. Its report on the same revealed that “crime is becoming a smaller and smaller part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

The team also mentioned that one positive development against these crimes is the growing “ability of law enforcement to seize illicitly obtained cryptocurrency.” For instance, IRS Criminal Investigation seized more than $3.5 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2021.

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