Small Cap Crypto Gems Could Explode (PSB) (HERA) (CTT) (STEP) (NRV) (PWAR) (DMST)

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Crypto investors are constantly trying to identify the next project that will make them rich. If you have the stomach for high risk and volatility the 7 following cryptos (PSB) (HERA) (CTT) (STEP) (NRV) (PWAR) (DMST) may be worth taking a look at.

Digital currency sector is ripe with great and profitable coins whose market caps are measured in billions of dollars. However, it is worth remembering that even coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana started out as small cryptos that had to make their way to where they are now.

With that said, there are undoubtedly hundreds of cryptos that have the potential to go big but might never get the opportunity due to too much noise and too many competitors in the crypto space. This is why we decided to look through these low-ranking coins whose market cap is too low for them to take the spotlight, and select a few favorites that seem like good opportunities for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with something fresh. Here are our suggestions.

1. Planet Sandbox (PSB)

The first on the list is Planet Sandbox — a physics-powered sandbox shooting game that relies heavily on the use of NFTs. The game allows players to build their own arenas and allow other players to fight them in various game modes. Players, just like their opponents, can use NFTs to add as many weapons and accessories as they can afford.

As a metaverse project, Planet Sandbox has ensured that players will have plenty of play-to-earn opportunities. For example, they can buy land where they can build their arena, and customize it with unlimited building items and different design game modes. They can even turn their land into a business where they can open up a shop and sell things, or earn passive income from it.

The land can be decorated in a variety of ways, allowing for diverse sceneries and landscapes, such as mountains, grass, desert, arctic, toxic wastelands, and more. In time, the project’s developers even plan to include other planetary environments. With that said, there is a lot that this project has to offer, which is why we believe that it can definitely go much higher, provided that it receives the attention it deserves.

2. Hero Arena (HERA)

Next, we have a project called Hero Arena, which is another metaverse game designed on top of blockchain technology. This one, however, is an RPG game inspired by Dota 2. The game features a futuristic world, populated with 5 different factions that players can choose to join. Each of them is unique, naturally, and it has its own strengths and weaknesses that players will have to learn to use to their advantage or work around in order to achieve their goal.

Players can also recruit heroes that can then be used to help them progress in the campaign mode, and/or to defeat powerful enemies that they will be coming across during gameplay. Like most metaverse projects, Hero Arena also employs the popular play-to-earn model, which means that players can even make some money by fighting in the game. In order to earn something, they will have to defeat the enemies, and hiring heroes can come in quite handy in order to ensure victory.

There are over 20,000 HEROs, belonging to 5 different races, and featuring different strengths, unique personalities, and alike. But, players can purchase them and combine them to make the best team they can come up with and conquer the world of the project’s Metaverse.

3. CryptoTycoon (CTT)

In the third spot, we have CryptoTycoon, which is a gaming platform based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform allows players to interact with it by spending BNB, BUSD, or some other BSC-based digital currency. In doing so, players can participate in game yield farming, which is a system that allows users to earn passive income.

The game’s system is interesting, as it has a rather interesting token deflation mechanism and dividend bonus model. But, the most interesting thing about the project by far is the fact that it offers multiple games and services. For example, it has a monopoly game called Monopol Tycoon, as well as a fishing game known as FishSwap. There is even a game prop store integrated into the platform called the NFTSwap. As such, it offers a good diversity of activities for the players, and it is only getting started.

4. Step Finance (STEP)

Moving forward to the fourth spot, we have Step Finance, which is a project that likes to call itself the front page of Solana. It aims to complement Solana’s blockchain and make it more transparent and easier for users to navigate and find the projects that they need. To that extent, it offers the ability to Visualize, Analyze, Execute, and Aggregate transactions across Solana’s contracts.

Obviously, the most beneficial thing is that all of this can be done in one place, so users do not have to navigate from one contract to another. Step sees itself as a portfolio management dashboard and transaction aggregator, which allows users to keep a close eye on their tokens associated with various wallets staked yield farms, LP positions, margin positions, and alike.

All in all, it is a user-friendly project that aims to make Solana more practical, which is why we believe that it has great odds of sticking around. And, since Solana is one of the fastest and currently the best Ethereum alternatives, it is likely that projects like this one will thrive as more people choose Solana over the Ethereum network.

5. Nerve Finance (NRV)

Next, in fifth place, we have Nerve Finance. Now, Nerve is an automated market maker, or AMM, as they are popularly called. It was specifically designed for stablecoin trading and other pegged assets that are going live on Binance Smart Chain. Building a platform for stablecoins specifically makes a lot of sense, given that stablecoins are the crypto industry’s go-to solution whenever something happens that might force the prices of regular cryptos down.

So, bear markets, large hacks, negative regulatory news, hacking attacks. bad financial reports and alike can all have a significant impact on the crypto industry, and when it happens — coin holders switch to stablecoins. This is a sensible strategy for preserving wealth while still keeping the funds in the form of a cryptocurrency, which allows for quick transfers and a chance to use every arriving price boost to earn a bit of extra money through quick trades.

Nerve’s very first pool was launched with a basket of dollar-pegged stablecoins supported, such as USDT, USDC, and, of course, Binance’s own BUSD.

6. PolkaWar (PWAR)

Nearing the end of the list, we have PolkaWar. This is a cross-chain decentralized fighting game created on Polkadot’s blockchain and it integrates NFTs and competitive gaming aspects. Competitive gaming is huge in the traditional gaming industry, so it stands to reason that it will also grow to be just as massive in blockchain gaming once more people start getting involved with blockchain games.

PolkaWar creates a rather vivid fighting world where players can create their characters, improve them, and engage in combat with one another. Through NFTs, they can obtain different weapons, various pieces of equipment, and more. The game is also said to have a point or stat system so that players can have level upgrades and advancement conditions. This allows for additional customization, as well as some rather unique gameplay.

Speaking of gameplay, there are 3 types of characters — Archer, Warrior, and Magician — each with the corresponding weapons, such as the sword, big knife, gun, bow and arrows, a magic vase, tessen, and scepter. The game sounds quite promising and we are very interested in seeing how its development will progress.

7. DMScript (DMST)

Lastly, we have a project called DMScript. This is a project that claims to be a blockchain-gaming company that is dedicated to the backing and releasing other developers’ video game-related projects. DMScript uses blockchain technology, and it is rather vocal about it, even claiming that it has proven to be unshakable in times of crisis. So far, that claim was proven true time and time again, during the events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the DMScript project further claims that they are using their native token, DMST, as a way to allow users to enjoy a variety of premium features that are only accessible if one uses the DMST cryptocurrency, rather than fiat currencies. However, users will be free to switch whenever they wish, and use the currency that they are the most comfortable with.


As you can see, there are many fresh ideas and new opportunities among the low market cap projects. However, identifying them and separating them from those that have no future is not an easy thing to do, which is why most investors tend to play it safe and go for the coins that were confirmed as reliable investments. But, if you feel like exposing your money to some greater risk and potentially gain greater rewards, this is where we suggest you start.

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